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Making amends and baking cakes.

*is in her kitchen, the backdoor and all the windows open as she beats the blaring fire alarm into submission with a broom, the kitchen full of smoke from her third burnt cake*

*finally manages to bang the cover off of the fire alarm, silencing it, and turns to survey the smoking cake on the counter*

So much for apologizing for my behavior with baked goods, I guess.

*sighs and tosses it out the backdoor, to join the other two cakes she's ruined, then pauses to look over her hazy kitchen, which is entirely covered by every dish she owns, all of which are now dirty from her efforts to bake one damn cake*

*looks down at herself to see that her sweater and jeans are covered in cake batter, and reaches up to find that her hair and face are also splattered*

So this morning, I went to see the stupid bloody shrinky person Caleb found for me, just like I promised Ian I would. And just like he promised me he would, Ian's gone to get me a puppy! *grins and bounces back over to the counter, determined that the fourth attempt is going to be successful*

The shrinky bloke seems to think I'm depressed, and that with the proper medication and, of course, his continued services, I'll be well in no time. Self-aggrandizing tosser. Anyway, I've decided that baking is going to be my new thing. I tried denial for a while, but that sort of just ended up with me getting my stomach pumped, and that wasn't very fun. And then I tried more denial, only with the addition of mind-altering substances, but that didn't work out so well either, because, well, I'm sort of in the tabloids now and Ian wasn't at all pleased with me. And let's be honest, Ian's like the only person left that gives a damn about me (besides Mikey, of course, oh, and CalebandMumandDad), so I'm going to do my best to not be a bother from now on.

*clenches her jaw and narrows her eyes at her fourth bowl of cake batter*

And I am going to bake him a bloody cake to make up for being such a needy, whiney, pathetic pain in the ass. *glares down at the bowl* I AM.

*clutches the bowl to her chest, stirring the batter madly, not caring when it slops over the side and onto her bare feet, her tongue sticking out in concentration as she stabs at the lumps in the batter that obstinately refuse to go away, no matter what she does*
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