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a celebrity role playing story

Leaving Fame: A Celebrity Role Playing Story
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Reality shows are everywhere, like it or not, and celebrities can't resist a bandwagon. But a group of talented movie actors wouldn't be interested in a lowly reality show... or would they?

What if the show was, instead, a movie? The first of its kind, one that would show all those other silly reality shows like Surreal Life and the Real World how REAL celebrities do it.

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A select group of celebrities have been invited to live in a house... no, not just any house. A castle in France, a fairy tale setting that is the perfect backdrop for scandal and intrigue. They'll be here until filming ends, with no outside distractions, no phone calls from agents, no movies, no nothing. They won't be permitted to spend more than one night at a time out of the house... but with a house like this, and company like that, who'd ever want to leave...


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Filming has ended, and everyone is back in Los Angeles, California for post-production - albeit against their wills. Hatred and jealousy abounds, with new neighbors thrown into the mix. Come see what develops.

Note: We are an AU game, given developments that occured while the characters were in France.

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Who's Who

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Want to join us? We're not holding open applications right now, but if you feel strongly that you should be part of the game, send an email to padawanbraid@gmail.com, with your desired character and why you think you'd be a perfect fit.

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How to Watch: Friend the community! Don't attempt to join it unless you're an actual player, though.

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Want to talk about it? Write about it? So do we! Join the fan community, leavingfamefans. Post your leaving_fame based fanfiction. Let the players know what you like, who you hate, and what would happen if you had your druthers. All in good fun, of course.

Be aware before you watch that we accept slash and het storylines all the way up to and including NC-17.

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Email us at: padawanbraid@gmail.com.