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Keira left me ice cream, cake and a note. *rubs the back of his neck* And it really got me thinking about everything I've done since... well, since all this started back in France.

I love my brother. I've loved him for most of my fucking life- in one way or another. But he's got Ryan now, and he's happy. *takes a deep breath* And I want to be happy, too.

*walks into the trailer's small bedroom and starts packing, happy that Reese isn't around, while he's doing this*

I've decided I need to go somewhere, to get away. This thing with Reese, it's not real. It's just another fucking attempt on my part to control Hayds' relationship with Ryan. And that shit is going to stop, and it's going to stop now.

*grabs his suitcase, leaving Reese the keys to the house on the counter, along with the title, transferred into her name* Reese gets the house, because she's been putting all the fucking work into it, and I won't need it anymore. Plus, I read through her divorce papers when she was drunk the other day, and Ryan got her house, so I guess it's only fair that she gets Hayds' house.

*grabs the keys to his Navigator and walks over the Keira's, leaving her the keys to the SUV in an envelope, with a note inside that just says "I'm sorry for driving you crazy, kiddo," on the front steps*

*calls the cab company from his cell, climbing into the car, and decides to stop by Jonny's, before heading to the airport, still completely unsure of his destination*

*gives the cab driver directions to Jonny's hotel, then dials Hayden's cell, almost hoping it's going to go to voicemail*
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