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*comes home after running errands and a trip to the doctor*

*unlocks the door, walks in and unloads her things*

*goes upstairs, takes a shower then changes into lounge pants and a tank top*

*walks over to her purse and pulls out a picture and runs her finger over it*

Our baby. I still can't believe it.

*smiles at the little pea sized form in the picture*

So much to do in so little am I going to tell Val...and when?

*goes to the kitchen to get a bottle of water and some fruit, sits down and turns on the TV*

*picks up her new copy of What To Expect When You Are Expecting and begins to read when she hears a knock at the door*

Who could that be?

*walks to the door and is shocked by who she sees*

Tove? Hayden? What on earth are you doing here?
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