Matthew Ryan Phillippe (prettyphillippe) wrote in leaving_fame,
Matthew Ryan Phillippe

Alone time

*hums softly as he parks the SUV at the loft, climbing out and walking up to the door, a bunch of sunflowers in his hands*

I stopped by Law's place, and left the kids for a few hours. In return, I promised him that Christensen and I would babysit for him day after tomorrow, so he can take Pitt to some sort of photo shoot and dinner.

I could have taken them to Reese's, but, to tell you the truth, I feel better not having to depend on her when I have the kids. And, after all, there are currently two nannies at Law's - ours and his - plus, the kids get to play with other kids. All in all, it's a wonderful arrangement. *smiles* And I get to spend a few hours alone with Christensen.

*rings the doorbell, not using his key, and waits for Hayden to answer*
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