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Slept Late

*removes earplugs, gets out of bed, and grumbles himself downstairs for something to drink*

To drastically understate things: Keira has not been herself lately. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last time I checked, she was sweet and romantic, not hedonistic and debauched. I don’t have a standing objection to any of her activities per se, but come now, night after night after night? And so soon after… *trails off and sighs* She insists that the pills were an accident. I’m not exactly inclined to believe her.

*can’t find a drop of alcohol anywhere, as Keira has consumed it all over the last few days* *huffs and puts the kettle on instead*

Under any other set of circumstances I would simply leave, it’s not as if this isn’t her house and her life, after all. But from what I understand she’s booted Caleb to the curb and Michael has gone back to Mr. Law, and leaving her alone just now… I shudder to think.

*gets up when the kettle whistles and pours himself some tea, settling down at the kitchen table with it*

My interference was not exactly welcomed the last time I tried, and I had to retreat, but I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t time to have another charge at the fortress gate, as it were.
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