Tove Christensen (the_filmmaker) wrote in leaving_fame,
Tove Christensen

Dinner at Jude's

*pulls his SUV up to Jude Law's house, turning off the engine, but not getting out just yet*

I honestly find it hard to believe that Jude Law would invite me to dinner, but Jonny said I was invited, and while I was originally thinking of standing him up, recent occurrences with Reese, along with something Hayds said, have made me reconsider.

*rests his head against the steering wheel* Bottom line? I can't believe Hayds is fucking plotting against me now. He's never done deceptive shit like this before, and I don't really understand what the fuck he's trying to make happen here.

It's kind of like this thing with fucking Reese. She isn't going to get the fucking midget back, so I don't even know what fucking game we're all playing anymore. And me fucking around with Jonny? Isn't helping matters either. I realize that. But at least he's open about what he wants from me. Sex. No small talk, no emotions, just fucking sex. That I understand. Reese? I fucking don't understand.

*opens the car door, walking slowly to the door, figuring at the very fucking least he can find out why Hayds is jealous of Jude tonight, and maybe scare Leo into telling him what the fuck Hayds and Jonny were up to at the club the other night*
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