Matthew Ryan Phillippe (prettyphillippe) wrote in leaving_fame,
Matthew Ryan Phillippe

Dinner out with Christensen

Christensen and I spent the past two days with Law and Pitt. It was good for the kids to have Law's children to play with, and it was good for Christensen and I to get some quality time alone. Law's pool house is convenient. *smirks* More convenient than his flower bed, even.

Unfortunately, Reese called before we left, and I didn't want to discuss the call with Christensen while the kids were present, so I've asked the nanny to stay the night, and I'm taking Christensen out to dinner so we can talk.

*tucks the kids into bed, letting the nanny know that he and Hayden will be gone for a couple of hours, and goes out to the living room, to see if Hayden is ready*
Tags: hchristensen, phillippe
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